GIS and Resource Modelling Software/Support and Maintenance Royal Berkshire Fire Authority Tender Closes 14th February

This tender document sets out the statement of requirements for the provision of GIS and Resource Modelling, plus support and maintenance for Royal Berkshire Fire Authority.

The Fire and Rescue service requires software to support and enhance the data which is recorded from existing systems to manage its responsibilities to make the Thames Valley a safer place to live and work.

GIS software is used to support internal departments with an evidence based approach to service delivery in both operational and non-operational capacities. The Resource Modelling software is used to review historical performance and demand while also providing the option to model proposed changes to the current operational model.

The Authority is therefore seeking tenders for the provision of GIS mapping software which can be integrated with the existing Incident Recording System and provide regular updates as part of the agreed licence maintenance.

The Authority is committed to enabling the people of the Thames Valley to be able to lead safe and fulfilling lives. The reactive, responsive and proactive work carried out by the service to prevent fires and respond to emergencies requires the use of good quality location based intelligence.

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