Wokingham Borough Council Concessionary Travel System

Wokingham Borough Council are inviting tenders for the provision of a Host or Operator Processing System (HOPS), a Card Management System (CMS) and system allowing for the application, production and dispatch of ITSO concessionary permits issued under the England National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS).

The Council is looking to procure five core elements for the efficient operation of the ENCTS within Wokingham Borough, these are:
i. The provision of a CMS
ii. The provision of a HOPS
iii. Self-service portal allowing customers to apply for replace or renew permits, which includes a customer verification process integral to the application process.
iv. Production and dispatch of ITSO permits, either directly or via a third party bureau managed by the tenderer, subject to prior written agreement.
v. An analytics system linked to the CMS, allowing for the validation of ENCTS trips, and the interrogation of data sets to support the prevention of fraud, forecasting and general transport planning functions of the Council.

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