why choose plan b for your business

Do you need a Plan B for your business?

Plan B is exhibiting at Thames Valley Expo on 22 May at Ascot Racecourse, talking to SMEs about how to protect their businesses against data loss and downtime with backup and disaster recovery.

Plan B will be offering attendees a free one-on-one consultancy with their experts after the show to give them an insight into the best practice for their specific requirements. “We want to help local businesses improve how they backup and protect their data, using techniques such as offsite and cloud backup” states Beth Baxter, Marketing Manager at Plan B. “Every business has different requirements when it comes to data protection and some companies e.g. the media sector have a lot of data to backup which can get costly to store in the cloud. We can show them techniques to keep their costs low whilst ensuring that their assets are well protected.”

You can visit Plan B at the show or www.planb.co.uk

Beth Baxter | Marketing Manager
Plan B – It simply works every time.
DD. 0118 902 6968
T. 08448 707 999
E. beth.baxter@planb.co.uk

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