hft innovations tmt design

Got any aches & pains? Try TMT…

Therapeutic Massage Tool (TMT) is a hand held patented, portable, manual massage tool specifically designed as an aid to treat a variety of musculoskeletal aches and pains. Its unique shape and special features include a wooden finish, reinforced for strength, a roller ball section, hour glass shaped body with rubbery grips housed within a detachable clear, smooth surfaced cap with an additional treatment point.

hft innovations tmt

With the cap on, the TMT can be used for preparatory massage strokes and the protrusion referred to as the point on the cap in the videos. It can be used with confidence for deep digital (finger like) friction or pressure work. With the cap removed, the other features can also be used effectively for the application of a variety of therapeutic massage techniques. Please see the demo videos accessible on our website which shows how the therapeutic massage tool can benefit 26 different parts of the body.

The TMT is the ultimate tool and we dare say the only tool that an athlete would want for self-treatment, pre or post workouts or training once its many treatment uses are realised.

The TMT appeared at the COPA series 2018 exhibition with an eminent Top Physio showing how useful the tool can be for therapy. The aim at this show was to obtain user feedback and it did attract considerable interest from delegates. Its first Public appearance was at the Runners Show, Excel, for the recent London Marathon. The response was very encouraging and also led to a feature in the June edition of Runners World.

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Bill Nelson
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