Leadership Development Programme Reading Borough Council Tender Closes 12th July

Reading Borough Council is looking to work with a suitable provider to develop a Leadership and Management Development Training programme to be delivered to our 350 managers, based on our TEAM Reading values and Leadership and Management Behaviour Framework. We have developed TEAM Reading as the ‘rallying call’ to our workforce to help us achieve our corporate goals:

T we will work Together as one team
E we will drive Efficiency
A we will be Ambitious
M we will Make a Difference to Reading

The Council wishes to gain the potential interest of experienced providers to develop a Leadership and Management Development Training programme in partnership with us.

Our key provider requirements are recent experience (within the last three years) of:
o Providing similar programmes to United Kingdom single tier Local Authorities (London Borough, Unitary or Metropolitan authorities)
o Providing programmes of training that influence and change working cultures and behaviours within whole organisations
o Providing programmes that demonstrate their expertise in leadership and management development and measurable evidence of successful impact and delivery of desired outcomes
o Developing successful solutions to achieving a sustainable approach to management and leadership development

The Council anticipates the contract to last for 24 months, starting in October 2019 and the value will not exceed ?170k.

Organisations who believe they fulfil the experience requirements and who would anticipate responding to an invitation to tender for the services are asked to notify the Council of their interest with a brief summary of their organisational experience and capability (no more than five sides of A4) by 5pm on 12 July 2019 submitted using the Council’s E-tendering system. Reading Borough Council intends to use the information supplied to assess whether suitable specialist providers exist to meet our requirements.

If the Council decides that there is sufficient interest from suppliers we may decide to proceed with a procurement exercise via further advertisement.

The Council does not commit to enter into a formal procurement exercise at this stage.

Find out more >>>

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