West Berkshire Shared Decision Making Service NHS SOUTH WEST COMMISSIONING SUPPORT Tender Closes 16th July

NHS Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group is seeking expressions of interest in a potential forthcoming tender for a Shared Decision Making (“SDM”) Service within Berkshire West which includes Newbury & District, North & West Reading, South Reading and Wokingham.

As part of the MSK pathway, this service will offer a holistic, patient-centred approach combining SDM along with exercise, diet, pain management, and physiotherapy to empower patients to make more informed choices about their care. This will enable increased self-management based on the evidence from other supported self-care management programmes.

It ensures that patients are supported to make decisions that are right for them. It is a collaborative process and staff support patients to reach a decision about their treatment. Patients may be referred for more information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle or when contemplating surgery.

Patients will access Shared Decision Making following a referral from a GP practice or from community providers.

Scope of service

The Shared Decision Making Service will be for patients registered with GPs in the Berkshire West CCG catchment area.

Aims and objectives of service

• Patients will be provided with up to date information to help them make decisions and improve the management of their condition. Patients will receive a range of publications and information fact sheets (which will be available in a range of languages and formats suitable to the patient).

• Empower patients and improve care by involving patients more closely in care planning which will help patients to:

o Gain a better understanding of their condition
o Increase the patients’ confidence in self-management of symptoms associated with arthritis; such as pain
o Have access to information, support and services needed to make informed choices to enable greater control
o Have the necessary information to make positive lifestyle changes such as reviewing diet
o To be able to communicate effectively about arthritis and how it affects the patient personally
o Feel less isolated

• Assist patients to complete Shared Decision Making process to assess which interventions may be appropriate for the patient.

• Provide evidence of all patients who attend an appointment. A certificate will be required in the case of referral for surgery in accordance with BWCCG policy.

The contract is expected to be for 3 years plus an optional extension of 2 years and is expected to commence on 1 October 2019. The annual contract value is expected to be in the region of £98k per annum.

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