Provision of Custodial Healthcare Services Thames Valley Police Tender Closes 25th July

Arrival in custody with physical/mental vulnerabilities such as alcohol/drug-related abuse/misuse can provide a gateway to healthcare services but is not an appropriate place to assess/treat. The service shall provide fully qualified Healthcare Professionals to the 8 Custody Suites in the Thames Valley Police region to assess, treat & signpost Detainees to ensure fitness for detention/charging & needs to fully integrate with NHS, Social Care & Voluntary Sector providers of health & social support. These staff may be embedded or mobile. The Tender process will be a full EU Restricted process, a 2 stage process, Stage 1; Request for Information (RFI), Stage 2; Request for Quotation (RFQ) with the opportunity for clarification questions throughout. Tenders will be evaluated against the specified requirements laid out within the documentation provided. Multiple evaluators will be used, the evaluator’s scores will then be moderated to ensure a consistent approach. Moderated scores will be rounded up to the nearest two (2) decimal places. The current contract expires 31/05/2020. All communication should be notified via EU Supply. Any subsequent contract will be for a maximum of 4 years (2+2) commencing in June 2020.

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