WBSM Operational Assessments Royal Berkshire Fire Authority Tender Closes 12th August

This tender document set provides statement of requirements for the provision of Watch Based Station Managers (WBSM) Operational Assessments for the Royal Berkshire Fire Authority, tendered through an Open Tender procedure advertised through the Blue Light emergency services procurement portal and published through Contracts Finder.

The Authority are seeking up to three (3) compliant Suppliers to provide a number of operational simulations for individuals who are required to perform as Initial (Level 1) and/or Intermediate (Level 2) Incident Commanders within RBFRS.

The Authority intend to contract for up to 33 days assessments on a call off basis, which will include four assessments per day (two am. and two pm.) totalling up to 132 assessments between October 2019 and September 2020. The Authority reserve the right to change these estimates as candidate numbers may vary.

As this is a call off contract the Authority cannot guarantee any spend or minimum level of spend for any of these courses. The number and frequency of courses booked will be subject to the identification of need through recruitment and individual’s personal development plans.

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