Management Consultancy for the Development of a Business Case for Business Rate Retention and Other Income with regards to the Expansion of Heathrow Airport SE Shared Services Tender Closes 11th December

The Heathrow Strategic Planning Group (HSPG) was created in 2015, to facilitate collaborative working of local authorities and other bodies surrounding Heathrow Airport. The aim of working together is to create more effective sub-regional spatial planning of airport growth along with demanding levels of baseline growth in housing and economic activity. HSPG members have differing views on expansion, some supporting and some opposed, however all members want to ensure any growth is planned sustainably and effectively and that this ‘once in a life time’ opportunity is taken to re-set the relationship of the Airport with the functional economic area. Slough Borough Council is the accountable body for HSPG.

All members have signed the HSPG Accord. This sets out 5 core outputs and a set of agreed outcomes the Group is striving for. In addition, for 2019, HSPG has agreed three key strategic objectives to focus activity in the lead up to Heathrow’s DCO application (for both documents and more information on HSPG:

The Heathrow expansion is expected to generate significant income through both growth of business rates and other income streams, and HSPG members wish to have this retained in the local area to maximise and accelerate sustainable growth in the local area.

As such, SBC is procuring on behalf of HSPG management consultancy to develop a robust outline business case in support of this retention.

This activity is being procured as a further competition under Crown Commercial Service’s Management Consultancy 2 framework agreement, Lot 4 : Strategic Consultancy Services. As such, only parties to this agreement may bid for this contract.

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