Grant Application in relation to Provision of Community Learning SE Shared Services Tender Closes 6th December

This is an application for a Grant for Community Learning . The Scoring/Evaluation Criteria is stated in the Guidance Doc which has been uploaded as an attachment to this RFQ.

If you have any queries with regards to this application please contact Simon Crossley , Funding and Compliance Manager. TEL : 01753 474042 Mobile: 07540 283 738

Slough Borough Council (Council) seeks applications for grants in support of community learning as more particularly described in the Service Description (attached at Appendix Two of this application). The key elements of the Service Description are:

(a) Provision of a community learning programme that meets the priorities of the Service.
(b) Learners enrolled are targeted in relation to the strategic priorities of the Service.
(c) Learners are given information and advice to support their progression.
(d) Teaching is conducted in a safe learning environment.
(e) Excellent teaching, learning and assessment include the quality of tutors and continuous improvement.
(f) Compliance with the requirements of the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the OFSTED education inspection framework.

The applicant is required to complete and submit all the following documents for a compliant offer :

Section Six: Application questions
Appendix Three: Due diligence (separate document)
Appendix Four: The Programme Costing Tool (separate document)

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