You’re invited to The Business Network London’s Christmas Lunch

Seasons greetings, come and join me on Thursday 5th December at London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch 12 Noon – 2.00pm

I did say I would organise a Christmas networking lunch if a dozen people clicked “like” and they did but then the world takes over, business is keeping me busy, being a Cllr is keeping me busy, being a husband is keeping me busy so all in all, organising my own event fell by the wayside as it takes planning and organisation to do these things properly and time didn’t allow.

So what I have done is speak to Helen Bennett, CEO of a national networking group called The Business Network and she is happy for me to invite my business connections to attend her London event next Thursday 5th December… there are likely to be 40+ senior decision makers at lunch.

The price is £59.95 per head, too pricey for some but it is the best business networking we have been part of, producing thousands of pounds worth of business over the years for Winning Tenders.

Some lucky folk, whose profiles match Helen’s wish list for new members, will be offered a FREE LUNCH…

Fill in the form here if you would like to attend and let’s see if it is your lucky day 😉

Thank you.


Photo by Jamie Davies on Unsplash

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