Procurement for the provision of Child Autism and ADHD Support Services for Family, Carers and Adults with Autism and/or ADHD Service to East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group

East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group is seeking to commission Child Autism and ADHD Support Services for Family, Carers and Adults with Autism and/or ADHD Service. All Local Authorities within East Berkshire are key partners in these services. To ensure a collaborative delivery approach Bracknell Forest Council have as part of this tender contributed funds for workshops for adults with Autism within their locality.

The service outcomes are expected to be:
• Communication with children, young people and adults with autism and or ADHD and their families is improved
• Parents and families can easily access information and advice about sensory sensitivities, autism and ADHD and are signposted on to other support services if needed
• People report that it is easier for them to know how to access appropriate services and support
• All who access support, advice and consultation from the service have an increased level of knowledge and awareness of autism and ADHD in relation to their family situation.

And for the Bracknell Forest aspects:
• Parents and Carers feel informed, confident and supported about the transition process for their young adult moving from Children’s Services into Adult Social Care and the CTPLD team
• People with Autism learn new skills, increasing their independence
• People with Autism are able to use strategies to cope with anxiety and sensory overload
• People with Autism develop their social skills by accessing activities in the community

The commissioner has a combined budget of £120,000 per annum. The contract will be for an initial period of 2 years. At the end of the initial contract term the Commissioner will have an extension option for any number of periods up to a maximum of a further 2 years which will be awarded at their discretion.

This procurement is being carried out by NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit (SCW) on behalf of the Commissioners.

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